02 April 2008

Dropper Bottle

Dropper Bottle, 5x7", oil on panel. Purchase here.

Good morning. Today's piece is a little green glass dropper bottle I have in my studio, and honestly it's a pretty subtle piece, with the details being very hard to discern in the photo. I veered a bit from the paintings I've done so far in that I put some of the background in. I think it works ok from a distance, (or in a small photo) but something about it bothers me up close...perhaps to takes too much attention from the main item, which is so subtle to begin with? I'm not sure I can place my finger on it just now, but if I do figure out what's bugging me, I'll post an edit for you.

1 comment:

Janet said...

Like the bottle, I imagine the green is a little more colorful in person. I really like the candle and match one from yesterday, very lifelike and yes the wax in the center looks so real.