04 April 2008

Pearl Onion

Pearl Onion, 5x7", oil on panel. Purchase here.

Well, here it is, Friday's painting. I think this one is pretty nice. Everything turned out on it the way I'd hoped, so that's good. Also, a friend told me that the reason my pictures were so dark was due to the difference in gamma settings between Windows and Mac machines, so I've set the image to use it's own color profile, so let me know if the image looks better then the previous entries (if you're using a Windows machine, that is.)

I've also been reading some nice books on Velázquez and Rubens. The two that I find most interesting and useful to painters are the one on Rubens called
Drawn by the Brush, and the one on Velázquez called Technique of Genius. Great books. A little pricey, but you can get them used on Amazon for pretty cheap, and the information inside is well worth adding them to your library.

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