24 April 2008

Pier House Roof

Pier House Roof, 11x14", oil on canvas panel.

Ted, 11x14", oil on canvas panel, NFS.

Well, we have two paintings today, one a study of a great old building which was just sagging on its pier out into Gloucester Harbor. I liked the look of it so much, I think I might go back and paint it again, to try and get the whole thing in, instead of just a section of the roof. One of the things I liked so much about it was the haphazard collection of windows on the side, and the slight sag to the roof. I had to move my easel a couple of times, because the sun kept climbing over the building I was using for shade.

The other painting is a portrait study of one of my neighbors, who was asked to sit for the Rockport Art Association's portrait sketch session as a substitute last night. He is either naturally very ruddy or got a lot of sun yesterday, when it was near 80 and just perfect, weather-wise.

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