24 June 2008

Illustration Master Class

Amelia Earhart of the Future, 16.5x25.5", oil on panel.

I'm back from the Illustration Master Class, and it was an exciting time for everyone involved. Not only were we all pushed to accomplish a ton in one week, but the kindness and generosity of the faculty showed what wonderful people work in the industry.

I learned great lessons about the business, and on top of that I made connections and friendships that will last me a long time if I just continue to push forward, work hard, and don't tread too recklessly on people's kindness.

I have to give an extra special word of thanks to Greg Manchess and Irene Gallo, who were very kind and friendly and who I was able to get to know a little better than the rest of the faculty. Scott Fischer was definitely the life of the party, and his energy and enthusiasm were inspiring. Donato Giancola's sheer drive to push his craft and talent as far as it can go is something I definitely aspire to. Boris Vallejo was the old master that I thought he would be and I hear that he painted the nude figure in his painting from his head and a rough drawing because he "forgot his reference photo at home." I hope to be as good as that some day. Julie Bell was kind, warm and stunningly talented. Watching her paint was a treat. Dan Dos Santos introduced us to his wife and son, who is a little charmer, and his lecture on using reference was a real eye-opener. Finally, Rebecca Guay was the mastermind behind the Master Class, and made everything happen. Not only did she forge this even from nothing (with help from her fabulous assistant Sara) but she's a great person and can draw and paint like nobody's business.

Thanks to everyone. It was a great (and exhausting!) week.

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