01 August 2008

A Couple of Things

Low Tide, Lane's Cove, 9x12", chalk on paper.

Lane's Cove Fish Shack, 9x12", oil on panel.

A beautiful day down at the cove today. Children playing in the water, enjoying summer vacation as only kids that live a couple of blocks from the ocean can. And how's this Mr. & Ms. Child Safety: not a one of them were under parental supervision. That's right, water way over their heads, motorboats coming in and out of the cove, and not one suit of kevlar-plated swim-armor anywhere. Who would have thought that possible in this day and age of filial overprotection? I'm very glad to live among real people again.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks sorta familiar!


How have I not seen your blog before?

Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp said...

I'm not sure. I think Bob Driscoll on Bass Ave said he mentioned me to you when you were there taking pictures of their shop back at the beginning of the summer. You're welcome to stop by and see the place, anytime!