13 November 2008

Please update your bookmarks!

Hello All:

I'm moving my blog and website over to Wordpress (for the flexibility of the format and to concentrate my presence on the web.)

You can now find my blog postings as well as my portfolios for fine art and illustration, contact information and a short bio over at: www.kurtankeny.com. (The other web addresses, www.1sqft.net and www.onesquarefootstudio.com will all lead you to the same place.)

If you read this blog through an RSS feed, you can update your feed here: New RSS Feed. Be sure to erase the old feed, or you'll wonder why I went silent.

Also, no need to worry, although I've erased all of the blog posts here, they can all be found over at the new site.

Thanks for following along with me! It should be an interesting year in 2009, so stay tuned.


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