30 April 2008

New Things

Imagined Portrait, 18.75x24", oil on MDF.

Well, today I wanted to do something slightly different, and after seeing this piece by Casey Baugh, had the desire to paint a nice head. No models being on hand, I just made one up out of my head. I think that it turned out alright. I was trying to use very light shadows to give a certain effect without losing too much form, and I think I got that ok...

As for the tree piece, these are two stages of the painting. (I didn't get a shot of the first day, where it was all just reddish lines indicating the forms.) I still have some work to do on the main tree and the secondary tree, and some of the foreground elements need to be resolved. (Or left as is, I haven't decided yet.) Anyway, this is the last you'll hear from me until next week Tuesday. Have a great weekend.

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