06 May 2008


Buoys, 11x14", oil on canvas panel.

Well, after a very nice class this weekend at The Art Bootcamp, I'm back painting, and getting some work done.

And, I sold some paintings to a very kind woman who was attending the bootcamp. That felt good. For those of you keeping track, Walnut and Penny, Soap Bottle and Forty Cents are no longer available for purchase.


Gene Ha said...

Hey Kurt,

Really enjoying watching your progress. You've definitely got chops. Colors are excellent, and brushstrokes are wonderful: few and confident.

This piece isn't your most difficult, but it really struck me.

Kurt Ankeny-Beauchamp said...

Thanks, Gene! I've been trying to move toward that line where the viewer can move back and forth between realism and abstraction almost accidentally.

I'm going to start making bigger paintings based on these sketches, so that should help push it further in that direction.