10 September 2008

Good Morning Gloucester

I just saw this posted on a local blog, Good Morning Gloucester. This is the door to my painting studio.

Sorry the blog has been silent lately. I've been working on a bunch of pieces that won't be for sale until the person who commissioned one gets to choose. As soon as that happens, I'll have a big update with a bunch of paintings. Meanwhile, I've also joined a gallery: Cove Gallery on 21 Walnut Street in Annisquam (part of Gloucester.) Much thanks to Pia Juhl for thinking my work was worthy of the gallery. I'll be hanging my stuff there this weekend (if the frames arrive in time!)

I've also constructed and primed a series of very large canvases for some really big quarry paintings. I can't wait to get started. Oh, and I drew this in preparation for another painting I have in the works. Thanks to my model Dominique. She's never been an art model before, and she was great.

Dominique Study, charcoal and chalk on paper.

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