24 September 2008

Nearing the End of September

The blog has been kind of quiet lately, hasn't it? I apologize for those of you who look forward to reading it on a (semi) regular basis. It's been very busy here, and like I said, a lot of the pieces I'm working on haven't been ones I can show just yet.

I worked with the owner to the gallery I'm showing
at, and we've put together a nifty little website there. Take a look, browse around, join the mailing list. There will be a very nice shot of the front and inside of the gallery on the front page as soon as her husband gets around to taking it. In other words, please excuse the dust, we're not quite finished with it yet.

Also, I think I might look to phasing out the Etsy site. I've never had a sale there, and with my items starting to go into galleries, the logical thing would seem to be to end that site and direct people here or to the gallery. So, from now on, you'll see an "inquire" link after paintings that are for sale. E-mail me if you're interested in a purchase.

Meanwhile, I took our puppy to get her first haircut at the groomer today, and she looks great. While I was there, I painted this piece, Kettle Island and Great Egg Rock, oil on panel, 9x12". Inquire.

I also have been working on a couple of studio pieces. Here are the work-in-progress shots:

Two Fishermen, work in progress.

Lane House, work in progress.

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